12 Weight Loss Foods That Are Easy To Prepare

weight loss foods

Ever wonder what foods you should eat to lose weight? These foods below are the most important foods to eat in order to increase weight loss.

1. Water
Drinking enough water is the most important thing in losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet in general.
Drinking about half of your body weight is recommended strongly, every single day.
Oftentimes, when you think you are hungry ou really, aren’t, your body is just thirsty and is making you feel as if you need to eat.

2. Coffee
Caffeine is the best thing for weight loss because it can be helpful in curbing people’s appetites.
Generally just trying to consume small amounts of caffeine can help tremendously.

3. Tea
For those people who are sensitive to caffeine trying green tea and other mild teas might be the best way for them to get the caffeine they need to curb their hunger and help them lose weight rather than drinking coffee.

4. Cottage Cheese
Eating cottage cheese will increase your protein intake dramatically in a good way.

5. Greek Yogurt
This snack is low in calorie and high in protein. Eating Greek yogurt will fill you up even if you only eat it in small amounts.

6. Asparagus
This green veggie has been chosen by many fitness models over the past few years.
This veggie will flush out your kidneys quickly as well, Being easy to prepare this is a great snack for on the go.

7. Canned Salmon
Canned fish is always a good alternative to cooked meals; this will supply you with the extra protein needed each day.

8. Smoothies
Smoothies will provide you with all the needed plant based nutrients you don’t get when cooking fruits and veggies. All you need is a high powered blender and whatever fruits and veggies you’d like.

9. Eggs & Egg Whites
Eggs are considered to be one of the best sources of nutritious protein in the world.
They’re easy to prepare as well so on the go is best. The possibilities with eggs are endless.

10. Cruciferous Medley
Eating things like broccoli and watercress is imperative in weight loss because they are highly nutritious and will fill you up quickly. These two even have cancer preventing properties!
Here’s how to make the Medley:
Things needed:
Brussel sprouts
lemon juice
garlic powder
olive oil
onion powder
Mix all of these together using small amounts of garlic powder, onion powder, and lemon juice.
Bake this mix in the oven on a tray for about 20 minutes.

11. Crockpot Chicken Breast
I’m sure the thought of this one makes your mouth water, healthy or not.
You see the chicken is extremely filling as well and low calorie.
Just stack some chicken breasts in your crockpot season them and let them cook for a few hours.

12. Black beans
using just one cup of black beans will give you fifteen grams of protein that is great, you should eat these regularly as they will keep you full for long periods of time as well.