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Flat Belly at Last! Drink For 4 Days, Take 10cm Off The Waist

lemon cocumber for weight loss fast
If you intend to have flat stomach, you should know that the sassy water is the crucial ingredient. It was made by the nutritionist Cynthia Sass. The drink was named by its creator and it is very good for refreshing and vitalizing, includes minimal calories, acts therapeutically on the body, reduces down turgidity and tones down the digestive system.

According to Cynthia, this drink will help you to reduce your waist by 10 cm within 4 days.

The fact that the human body requires 8 glasses of water in order to function normally, inspired Cynthia to make the Sassy water. The amount of 8 glasses is orientation because the need for liquids ranges from one person to another depending on the body activities.

This is why through the 4 crucial days, when the flat stomach diet is started, it is advised to drink the whole portion prescribed by the recipe. You will also need to eat fruit and vegetables that include large amounts of water. Proper hydration of the body balances the levels of body liquids and fights against constipation and turgidity of intestines.

If you like this regime to be successful, you shouldn’t eat sweets, snacks, oily and caloric food through these 4 days. You should eat healthy foods, smaller portions of meals and have enough body activities.

The process of making the sassy water and its serving will remind you that the things for you will be changed and you will concentrate on your goal: achieving flat stomach for good!


8 glasses of water (if you are drinking more water, then you can add the desired amount)
1 teaspoon of crushed ginger root
1 fresh medium sized cucumber, sliced in fine slices
1 lemon of medium size, sliced in fine slices
12 leafs of green peppermint


Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher and keep the mixture in the fridge through the night.

Strain it.

After waking up you can drink from this mixture. Consume it through the day and make another one in the evening.

Consume this mixture in the next 4 days and you will have great results
Once you have tried this method, you will love this drink and you will drink it every day like a substitution of water.

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