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Amazing Flaxseed Potion For Healthy and Effective Weight Loss

Flaxseed contains a myriad of useful components, which include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber, which normalize bowels. Flaxseed cleanses the body of toxins, normalizes metabolism, reduces blood sugar levels and reduces appetite. It absorbs certain ingredients of the food, cleans the intestines and also supplies the body with lecithin. The point is that the fatty acids, which the seeds of flax contain within themselves, activate the sebaceous cells in the body, helping in the process of melting of the excess fat in the body. Therefore, it is an ideal product for weight loss. It helps in losing excess weight and maintaining body weight in the normal range.

A potion is made from flaxseed, which will help you, on a healthy way, to lose excess weight without dieting and fasting, as well as maintaining the desired weight without yo-yo effect.

Recommended by many dieticians, this potion is also very healing and extremely useful for people suffering from gastritis, ulcers, chronic constipation and hemorrhoids.

It will help in the treatment of cystitis and pyelonephritis. Otherwise, this flaxseed potion has a wide range of positive effects on the human body.

Flaxseed potion for weight loss. Recipe.

In the evening do the following: Pour 1 liter of boiling water onto 3 tablespoons of flaxseed. Let It to stay overnight. It is best to use a thermos. If not, use a pot with a lid. In the morning, drain it. You’ll get a little thicker (mucous) beverage.

The strained tea (drink) is consumed during the day, 3-4 times per 150 ml, half an hour before meals. The potion is prepared every night for the next day. Do not stockpile. It must always be freshly prepared.

The way to consume:
Flaxseed potion is consumed for 10 days, then, you make a pause of 10 days and then continue again, until you achieve the desired results. This way you can regulate body weight.
It is not addictive, you lose weight healthily and safely. Everything is individual, but to reduce body weight it is necessary that you do 3-5 such treatments. Drink plenty of water during the day.

This excellent potion reduces appetite, so to achieve quick results (if you use it for the purpose of weight loss), you can use the flax seed from the tea as breakfast and dinner. Optionally, you can sweeten with honey. It’s delicious.

By regular consumption, you will notice a positive change in the condition of the skin, which becomes healthier, firmer, more elastic. What is more important for women, during weight loss, the skin will not become flat, actually – It dissolves cellulite.

Despite all the useful properties of flax, there are contraindications. Not recommended to consume:

 • in case of liver problems (unless you have serious illnesses, the dose can be reduced and kept under strict control)
 • For kidney stones (flax actively pulls the sand and stones, but the process should be carried out systematically and rigorously kept under control).
You can make a great mask for a face-lift out of the flaxseed potion.

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