A Yogurt Drink with Fruit and Ginger That Melts Fat And Cellulite

yogurt drink

A simple recipe for a refreshing and delicious drink that is ideal for a snack, breakfast or dinner.


Yogurt – because it works perfectly on the fat in the body and regulates digestion. It contains good bacteria that help the digestive system.
Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blackcurrant – all very powerful antioxidants packed with vitamin C to encourage collagen production, nourish the skin and boost the immune system.
Ginger – it increases circulation and rejuvenates the skin, eases cramps, relieves muscle pain.
Banana – it contains large amounts of potassium, which regulates water retention, which boosts the effect of cellulite on the skin surface.


Put the ingredients in a blender, you can add some yogurt and a few ice cubes if you like


Due to the very strong taste of ginger, don’t go overboard.Cut off a piece, the size of a thumbnail.You can add fresh mint leaf or a bit of cinnamon and honey. Almonds are also an excellent choice.