Find Out How You Can Lose 4 Pounds In Only 1 Day

milk green tea

The diet with milk and green tea is most popular among those who want to lose weight fast, without gaining back the pounds in a few weeks. The diet lasts only one day and you can lose up to four pounds, meaning that you will lose the extra liquid found in your body.

You must not hold on to this diet longer than one day, and you should not use it more than twice a month. Be careful if you are milk intolerant, if you have troubles with your kidneys or if you have low blood pressure.  If you suffer from some chronic diseases you must consult your doctor.

How can you prepare the drink?

You will need 1,5 liters low- fat milk and 2 tablespoons dried green tea.

It is recommended to buy tea in herbal pharmacy or health food stores because the tea bags do not have the same effect as dried tea.


Boil the milk and cool it off on 70 degrees.  Add 2 tablespoons of green tea.

It is important that the milk should be hot not just warm or lukewarm when you are mixing it with the green tea.  Leave the drink to stay closed for about 20 minutes and then strain.

Consume one cup every two hours.  It is recommended to drink two liters of water if you want to achieve the best result.

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