This Woman Lost 11 Pounds in 2 Days: Here’s Her Secret

parsley wather weight loss
There are a lot of women who are struggling with their weight, but don’t have time to start exercising. Ramiza Turzimehich is a woman who shared her secret with the world – How she lost believe it or not 11 pounds in just 2 days. And the best part is that she did this with only one, amazing drink.
Parsley was her biggest ally in her fight against extra weight. Yes, the thing that we all have at home.

Ramiza said: “Parsley is really miraculous. Last Thursday when i measured my weight I weighted 158 pounds and 2 days later – I was 147 pounds. It’s not about the weight. Parsley helped me get rid of all the accumulated water in my organism. I feel so amazing and light”.

Ramiza’s recipe:
In 1 l of boiled water add 5 tbsp. of chopped parsley. Leave the tea for 20 minutes  to cool down and then drink your tea.

“The reason I decided to try parsley tea is because I had problems with my kidneys. Everyone that i asked told me that parsley is beneficial for the kidneys. I’m so thankful I tried it.”

You can consume the parsley tea cold and hot and in any time of the day. Consume at least 1 l parsley tea a day.
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