You Would Not Believe it, But a Woman was Able to Lose 40 Kilograms in a Year and This is How She Managed to Do That!

weight loss
Twenty year old Amanda had 100 kilograms and then she decided to do something about her weight. In a year, she was able to lose 40 kilograms and transformed totally. By photographing herself every month, she was able to record her achievement. Her photos can be found on the internet and prove that everything is possible if you follow three simple steps.

What is really interesting on Amanda’s photos is the fact that, besides looking slimmer on each one, she also looks happier and more confident. Besides physical changes, you also notice physical ones. Therefore, Amanda wants to help others by sharing what she has done so that people can express both their outer and inner beauty. Amanda had not practiced some strict diets, nor she ran a marathon; she did not starve herself, but instead she lowered her weight gradually. She continued to live her normal life, but she applied three simple changes:

High protein nutrition
This is crucial for weight loss. Data from researches has shown that nutrition rich in proteins prevents obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis and lowers the bad cholesterol levels. Nutritionists stated that people should intake more proteins if they want to lose fat. Proteins are difficult to digest and they need a longer time to metabolize and be used. It means that you are wasting additional energy to digest them. They protect you and you will be satiated for a longer period of time. Also, when you eat proteins, you lose fat, but not muscles. Amino acids from the proteins help in the strengthening of the muscles.

Sources of proteins:
White chicken or turkey meat
Low fat milk products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
Pork fillet

For vegetarians:
Hemp seed
You should intake between 0, 5 and 1 gram of proteins per kilogram of weight, daily. If you are more active, intake 1 gram, if you are less active, intake 0, 5 grams.

She took care about her food portion size
Control of the portions is a healthy allocation of food intake. This step can influence your habits, but it is crucial for weight loss.

●Eat three meals per day with two snacks between meals
●Eat slowly so that the brain has enough time to understand when you are satiated.
●Use smaller plates so that it seems like you are eating more.
●Increase the portions by adding food with a lot of water and fibers (fruits, vegetables, cereals)
●Pay attention on declarations and inform yourself about recommended daily intake.

Moderate exercises
Newer researches have shown that moderate exercises are crucial for losing kilograms. Of course, exaggeration is not recommended. Researchers divided several men in three groups. One group was told to do nothing, other to exercise for 30 minutes per day, and the third one to exercise intensely for one hour per day. They all continued to eat as they did usually.

Moreover, the men who exercised for 30 minutes per day lost more kilograms than those who exercised for one hour. It is probably so because the ones who exercised the most, were the most hungry ones. They were also tired, so they spent the remaining part of the day resting. Therefore, 30 minutes of mild exercising is enough for losing surplus kilograms.

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