4 Recipes To Lose 7 Kg In One Month

lose weight quickly

Lose weight quickly and get rid of the fat is not considered a daunting problem only needs to follow some advice and guidance. In order to lose 7 kg in one month there are some recipes for weight loss fast and safe manner.

Recipes lose weight quickly

1. Drink a glass a day before eating grapes from water boiled genitive lemon juice Paper

2. Recipe apple cider vinegar to get rid of the rumen and fat in the abdominal area and buttocks eating a cup of water added to half hanging of apple cider vinegar after breakfast daily to minimize the effects on the stomach

3. Recipe honey and almonds soaked five kernels of almonds in a cup of water at night until the morning then add the honey and hanging from dealing with the recipe before eating and not a quarter of an hour after eating so as not to backfire.

4. Recipe with milk and cinnamon are taken daily with breakfast It helps in getting rid of the rumen and the emergence of the abdomen quickly.

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