Boost Your Weight Loss and Fat Burning With This AMAZING Recipe!

vegetable soup
If you regularly consume this vegetable soup you could lose ten pounds in just seven days. What is great about this soup is that it doesn’t take you much effort and time to make it, it’s very healthy and rich with all the necessary nutrients that the body needs. This soup, also, effectively melts all the toxic and fatty deposits in the body, it will boost your weight loss and it improves your overall health.

The most important thing that you should remember is to always consume organic and fresh products. Eat foods rich with nutrients, like onions, cabbage, lettuce, parsley and dill. Drink enough water, and don’t consume carbonated drinks. You should also avoid flour, sweets, dairy products, fatty foods and alcohol.

This recipe is very easy to make and the main ingredient is cucumber.


■ 1 cucumber
■ 6 onions – medium sized
■ 1 smaller cabbage
■ 2 tomatoes
■ 1 carrot
■ 2 peppers
■ a little bit of salt

Method of Preparation:

Place all the ingredients in a stew pan, then pour water that will be enough for the soup and remember not to add any oil. Then cook all the ingredients together until the soup is ready. That’s the original recipe and you shouldn’t change anything. Consume the soup few times during the day.

Day Plan :

1st Day: Eat the vegetable soup, consume some fruit, and drink enough water.

2nd Day: Same as the first day just you should also eat 3 roasted potatoes and you can also drizzle some olive oil on top of it.

3th Day: Eat the vegetable soup, lot of veggies, some fruits and drink plenty of water.

4th Day: The 4th day is the same just you can also eat a banana as well.

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