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Flat Belly Drink at Last! Drink for 4 Days and Take 10cm Off The Waist

Flat Belly Drink at Last!
So you want to have an hour- glass figure and you religiously go to the gym for exercise in the hopes of having a smaller waist but to no avail? And you tried almost every juice, diet and exercise that there is available just to have a smaller waist to envy for?

Did you even secretly prayed that there is a quick way to shrink that excess fats away? Well worry no more because Sassy water is your answered prayer!

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass created this amazing key ingredient for a flat belly called “Sassy Water”. This delicious and miraculous drink was named after her. Sassy water is a powerful drink that refreshes, revitalizes, and contains low calories, aids in gas passing, decreases flatulence, and maintains the peristalsis or normal movement of your digestive tract. The Sassy water concept was derived from the fact that an individual needs at least 8 glasses of water a day so he/she can function normally. This quantity is derived from an average need for liquid of an individual and may vary from person to person depending on their food intake, body built and body activities.

In order to make to have a flat belly, it is important for you also to avoid taking sweets, snacks, oily foods during the entire 4 day course of drinking the Sassy water. Instead of eating unhealthy foods, it is recommended that you eat fruits and vegetables that contains high amount of water such as cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.
The rationale behind it is that, if your body is properly hydrated, you can avoid occurrence of constipation and flatulence.
Curious of what the ingredients of Sassy Water? Here’s the list:

■ 8 glasses of water
■ 1 teaspoon of grinded ginger root
■ 1 fresh cucumber medium size, sliced thinly
■ 1 medium size lemon, chopped in thin slices
■ 12 leaves of peppermint
As you can see, almost all ingredients has its own natural diuretic effect. This means that, the excess fluid in your body will pass out through urination. Do note that increase in urinary frequency is expected.

Worrying that you might become dehydrated because of the urinary frequency effect it has? No worries! Because almost all of these ingredients have hydrating effect too. Which means that though you are passing too much urine, your skin will never be dry looking. In fact, your skin will be more radiant and clear.

So how do you prepare a Sassy water? Here’s how:
■ Mix all ingredients in a jug
■ Put it in the fridge overnight
■ Filter the contents
■ Start drinking the juice you created (Avoid drinking soda during the Sassy water course)
■ Drink this powerful juice for at least 4 days to see results
After 4 days, try to measure your waist again and you will be surprised of how much you centimeters you shed off.

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