Lose 40 pounds with the Superior Lukewarm Water!

Superior Lukewarm Water!

This fantastic diet was invented by the pharmacist Sumiko and her husband Hitoshi who lost unbelievable 40 pounds. The crucial thing in this diet is the consumption of bananas in the morning and lukewarm water during the day, where you will see the first results in only 14 days.

You can eat more than one banana for breakfast (only fresh) but you don’t have to overeat. If you can’t consume bananas for any reason, you have to consume any other fruit. If you still feel hunger, wait for 15 minutes and if you still feel hungry, eat whatever you want and be aware of the quantity of the portion.

Eat normally for lunch and dinner. You shouldn’t have dinner after 6 pm. There are no certain rules for the food that you will consume for the lunch and the dinner, there is no food restriction, but one of the most important thing in this diet is to avoid fried foods, fast food, sugars (artificial sweeteners),  carbonated drinks, white flour.

Lukewarm water in small sips is the only one drink that you can drink in small sips. You can have a dessert such as biscuits or chocolate, but fresh fruit would be the best choice.

Menu of the diet:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grapefruit, banana, a cup of tea (green tea).
Lunch: a big mixed salad with broccoli, onions, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes; 2 boiled eggs
Snack: a handful of nuts, yogurt
Dinner: potatoes or cooked carrots, chicken breast

Have a nice day, enjoy in the amazing results of our favorite diet and feel the difference in your body in a short period of time. Buon Appetito!