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Lose Fat In Your Waist, Legs And Hips In Record Time!

lose fat
You want to lose weight on a particular part of your body, like the legs or waist, and with doing so you don’t want to affect your figure? This article will show you how to solve this problem and how to get rid of the excess fat effectively.

Fat in the area of the armpits!

This type of fat will prevent you to wear  your favorite dress or sleeveless shirt. It doesn’t look good for sure. This could be a sign that your thyroid gland doesn’t work properly, and that it works slower than it should be. So in this situation it’s recommended to reduce or avoid the consumption of processed beets, soybeans, cabbage, strawberries, peaches and broccoli. Instead you should consume onions, salmon, liver, tuna, seaweed, nuts and whole grains. And of course, stress are highly prohibited for you.

Fat deposits in the upper arms!

This kind of fat means that your body lacks the hormone –  testosterone. If you want to normalize the level of testosterone in your body,  you have to make sure that you get enough sleep, make love frequently, do exercises that include the muscles on your upper arms and to avoid frustration and stress at all costs. You should also avoid sweets and you shouldn’t starve. Try to eat flax seed, avocado and salmon as much as you can.

The fat deposits on the buttocks and hips!

You can eliminate this type of fat if you base your diet on whole grains, vegetables, yogurt and fruit. This fat  is a result of high levels of estrogen in our body. So you need to stop the consumption of carbonated and alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers and coffee.

Fat around the waist!

This kind of fat indicates that the insulin secretion is out of control. In order to reduce it you should eat fish, broccoli, seafood, and combine it with spices like cinnamon or chili, then blueberries, cranberries and green tea every day. You should start consuming whole grain bread to. This will cleanse your organism and it will reduce the insulin secretion at a optimal level. Also, cut the usage of soda drinks, alcohol, French fries and candy.

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