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One Australian girl named Freelee (34) claims that she lost 20kg because of this diet. She believes the diet that contains only monotype food gives better results, so she decided to consume only monotype meals.
Recently, she attracted attention with the fact that she eats 51 bananas daily, which brings large amounts of carbohydrates, but low amounts of fat.

She consumes about 2.500 to 5.000 calories daily and she only eats fresh groceries during the day, until 4 PM. Despite the fact she led her body line to perfection, she claims that this diet also helps in cleaning your skin, relief from chronic fatigue as well as corrects bad digestion.

Sometimes Freelee’s mono meals contain two whole pineapples, five mangoes, two liters fresh squeezed juice or few kilos of apricots.

■ “When you eat only monotype food, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is on maximum level and because of that the brain is provided more nutrients, and you are not hungry longer time than usual. About 90% of my meals are mono meals. Eating one type of fruit or vegetables makes digestion easier, so the body doesn’t use a lot of energy.“
She says she have never felt overeaten, regardless the quantity of the food she eats.

■ “When I started this way of life, the first few weeks I was feeling swollen. A little bit later I understood that it is not from the fruit or the vegetables, but from the harmful substances in the body I was bringing for years and years.”

However, many nutritionists do not support this type of diet and they believe that with using it you can increase the chances for a lack of certain nutrients.

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