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New Study: This Spice Can Make You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

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Pretty much everyone who has never been on the cover of Men’s Health wishes that they could burn more fat and get flatter abs. Unfortunately though, losing fat happens to be somewhat difficult and as such we’re often tempted to look for outside help. This is why ‘fat burning’ supplements have become so popular as a way to increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

But there’s a problem here too. For starters, most of these fat burners don’t do a ton of good. Generally they’re about as effective as drinking a few extra cups of coffee: sure, you’ll increase your metabolism a little but it’s not exactly going to change your life…At the same time, these supplements can make you jittery, they can cause headaches and generally they’re just not all that advisable. Not to mention they’re expensive…
So what do you do instead? Why not try an ingredient that can help you to burn considerably more fat, that doesn’t cause headaches or other unwanted effects and that is very cheap and easy to get hold of?So what’s the ingredient? That would be cumin. This is a completely natural ingredient that has been used in Indian cooking for many years…


Cumin is something of a superfood in terms of the multiple amazing benefits it offers. Cumin can help you to improve your immunity, to treat piles, to combat insomnia, to fix respiratory disorders, to reverse anemia and even to help combat the common cold! What’s more, cumin also helps to increase your metabolism and can burn a lot of fat – a lot more than most of those overhyped ‘fat burner’ supplements that do more harm than good. Better yet, it also acts as a fantastic tool for combating hunger and this way it can considerably help you in your diet goals.

In one study, 44 overweight women were given 3 grams of cumin powder a day mixed with 5 grams of yogurt (also a great health food). Their weight loss and other data was then measured against 44 more women who didn’t have the cumin.In the study, it was found that those women who were using cumin would natural eat a huge 500 fewer calories every day. This was simply as a result of them being more satiated by their food. What’s more, when the women were weight, it was found that those women who ate the cumin managed to lose on average 3 pounds more. More impressive still, they managed to decrease their body fat percentage overall by 14.64% and they managed to reduce their levels of bad cholesterol.

The result that the researchers came to? Cumin can significantly enhance weight loss and is also a highly healthy ingredient in any diet.


There are many ways you can add cumin to your diet but it works especially well when sprinkled onto food. It’s delicious in hummus and guacamole, it goes great with nuts or on rice and it can even be used to make tea!

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