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No- Diet, No- Exercise: How Did a Woman Manage to Lose 80 pounds?

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Many people have problems with obesity and overweight. It is one of the biggest problems nowadays, when fast food is mostly consumed, and there is no time for exercise because of our work, so all that fat is left to store in our bodies.

There are also those ones who were slim for their whole lifetime, when suddenly gain weight, and cannot get used to diets and exercise that never practiced before.
In such cases, it is necessary to make up your own rules to follow and will be of benefit in the process of losing weight.

One such example is Sarah Dearmond who even as a child was not satisfied with her appearance and weight, because she was too skinny.
But during her studies, due to lack of physical activity and her passionate love of fast food, she had gained weight of 200 pounds, which is too much.
Then, she began to suffer from high blood pressure, always felt tired and barely was in shape to move and breathe.
At that point, she had realized that obesity can kill and decided: “I want to live.”
Since she could not force herself to be on a rigorous diet, Sarah started the transformation, setting her own three rules:

1.Physical activity does not have to be very hard
She bought a static bike, so she could not have excuses that the weather was not good outside, so she can’t go biking. This has become a habit and she practiced it more often and longer, while watching TV or listening to music.

2.Buying food
To avoid the temptation to go to the store, make a list and stick to it. Avoid racks of snacks and sweets, as if they do not even exist

3.Food Preparation
Instead of the standard preparation of greasy meat, replace it with fish, dipped in egg whites and baked. The taste is amazing, and it has a high satiety value.

Maybe losing weight in this way takes more time, but the results are permanent. She succeeded to lose 80 pounds, and she now has 121 pounds. It failed by 91 kg to reduce 36kg and now have 55kg. You will notice the results and feel the relief even after the first month.

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