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All of us are afraid of low-angle in someone’s photo album, framed on their wall on even worst on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how tight your skin is or how thin your neck is, the wrong angel will make anyone feel awkward.

But then again, this is not a big deal. A double-chin can be charming and even attractive. It is a natural part of our live. But if you don’t like the stubborn neck fat than here are some good exercises about tighten everything up.

The 10 Best Neck Exercises

Up and Over Look
Relax your face. Then tight your face with lips pressed together. Then look up and over to you right, like you have marked something in the distance. Tight your neck and hold it like this for about 30 seconds. Relax and repeat on the left side.

Hold It
Press your lips together, but now use your finger from the both hands and put them below the bottom lip. You should have your thumbs rest below the chin. Then pull down with the hands and when you feel your lips are coming apart, press them back together with your chin. Stay like this for about 30 seconds.  Have a rest and repeat.

Chin Terminator
Get up and look ahead. Bend your chin in and out, but don’t move the rest of the body. Like a goose. This exercise your jaw and firms the muscles around. Repeat this as much as you can.

Neck Lifter
Hold your hand on the collarbone and after that delicately move your head in up-down movement. Leave your neck muscles to tighten and relax. Repeat 12 times.

Gravity Defier
Breathe deeply and relax your entire neck. At that point tilt your jaw up slightly and kiss the air in a big, clear movement (something like you’re first kiss probably), separating your lips far away. Do this 12 times.

Neck Elongater
Tenderly put both your hands around your neck and hold as you lift your jaw to the sky. Hold there for half a minute and after that relax.

Chin Press
Place the back of your finger below your chin and press your chin like you hold your lips together. You will feel resistance from your fingers, however they’re easier than bench presses! Try this for 12 times.

The Fish One
Make an “O” with your lips and after that pull in your cheeks, similar to you’re making a fish face. At that point lift your jaw in the air and hold for at least 30 seconds.

Quick Fish One
During the second fish face exercise, make an “O” with your lips yet just hold it for a second and then relax your lips. Make this movement for 20 times.

Tongue Press
Take a seat with great stance and press your tongue to the top of your mouth. At that point let your head down and up. Repeat this 12 times.

Some Notes:
Evidently you don’t need to do every one of these activities consecutive. Test a couple out and see which ones you like. The good thing is they are easy to do anyplace, so try a few every time when you have a minute.

But in the end, we’re all wonderful. But if you don’t like to be on a low-angle photo, these exercise are worth to try.

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