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10 Tricks How to Lose Weight without Dieting

10 TricksLose Weight without Dieting
Use thin tall glasses
If you use thin tall glasses rather than low and wide, then it will cut down the “liquid” calories. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to fill the glass when it is low and wide. Tall glasses will help you drink about 30% less juice, wine or other beverage.

Limit your alcohol intake
Many people neglect the calories from the alcohol. The truth is that alcohol contains more calories per gram than proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, avoid alcohol as long as you can. When you drink alcohol make a pause after the first drink and consume non-caloric beverage like sparkling mineral water.
Alcohol begets greater appetite for snacks like chips, almonds, pistachios, etc. which are products with many calories.

Drink green tea
Green tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who want to lose weight. It helps in burning fats, speeds up the metabolism and thus contributes to weight loss. Except, that it will help in the fight to lose weight, green tea is excellent for improving overall health, because it protects you against many diseases.

Eat soup
If you add the soup in your daily menu, you will enter fewer calories in your body. The best way is to consume a soup at the beginning of your meal. It will help you to reduce the appetite for other foods because it will saturate you. Ideally, the meal should be consisted of a soup and vegetables.

Avoid creamy soups, because they contain more calories than the clear soups.

Vegetarian pizza and pasta with tomato sauce
If you simply cannot live without beautiful delicious pizza, then you should choose a pizza with vegetables. Just by avoiding meat you will cut off 100 calories from your meal. Use low-fat cheese and avoid yellow cheese. Always choose pasta with tomato sauce, instead of pasta with cream sauce. Pasta with tomato sauce has fewer calories.

Long  meals
This is one of the best recommended tricks to reduce weight, when you’re on a diet. Increase feeding time. Chew slowly and enjoy in the taste of the food.

Slow chewing would make you feel more satisfied and full-fed from less food. So the brain will have enough time to get information when you are satiated and you will avoid overeating.

Use the pause during the meal
A lot of people make a small break at the end of the meal. Surly you’ve been in this situation after which you’ve regretted the decision to continue with eating. Use the moment to end the consummation of the meal.
The pause is the signal that you don’t need more food.
Replace the snacks with a gym with menthol flavor

Chewing a gym with menthol flavor is a great trick to reduce the appetite. It will stop you from eating “harmful” snacks. The menthol kills down the nice taste of food.

Put the clothes that are too tight on a visible place
It is very important to be motivated and to set a goal. Put the favorite clothes that are too tight to be visible. Thus, each day you will have the opportunity to be reminded of what will you receive if you get rid of the excess weight?

First goal should be the jeans that almost fit you. Since you will achieve that purpose, you go one step forward and motivate yourself with a tight dress.

Sleep more
The insufficient sleep increases the appetite so you are hungry more often. Experts from the University of Michigan proved that if you sleep one hour more than the usual, it may help you to lose t 6 kg per a year. The results of this study showed that even when an idly lingering is replaced with sleeping, average calories income is reduced for 6%.

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