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12 Day regime that guarantees over 10 kg less

weight lossYou can reduce over 10 kilograms in just 12 days, which is too much according to health standards for weight loss. But despite some nutritionists claim that a good diet treatment once or twice a year is very important and useful for your health.

Guidelines for the 12 day diet:
Do not eat 3-4 hours before sleep. Use olive, flax or sesame oil. After these 12 days do not immediately go back to the old way of eating for another 3-5 days. Drink lots of water and green tea.

1. Dairy products, 5 cups of sour milk, one tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.

2. Fruit, 4-6 oranges, one tablespoon of olive oil, green tea.

3. Cheese, one tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.

4. 5 cups of cooked vegetables, two tablespoons of olive oil and green tea.

5. A dark chocolate and green tea.

6. 6 apples and a tablespoon of olive oil, tea and water.

7. 300 grams of cheese and green tea.

8. Four fresh salads with olive oil, green tea.

9. 400 grams of roast beef, a tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.

10. 3-4 fresh salads and green tea.

11. 500 grams of cottage cheese, a tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.

12. 2 grapefruits, 5 egg whites, a banana and green tea.

The next 3-5 days you can include grilled fish, chicken, steam veggies, egg whites, fresh fruit and vegetables so that you do not switch immediately to a strong diet that will be a shock to the body. The diet is not recommended for people with health problems!

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