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Effective And Free: Japanese Method For Weight Loss

Japanese Method For Weight Loss
You will be surprised to find out the astonishing range of weight loss methods that the Japanese have. And all of these are not only simple, but also really efficient.
Now, if we consider the hasty lives we are living nowadays, it’s no wonder many people just don’t get enough time to maintain a workout routine or a diet regime. For things to get even worse, the more we put on weight, the more our appetite rises.

Then, in the lack of time and energy, we resort to magical pills and potions that will burn our fat for us.

Or, we simply dream of lying down and losing weight while doing nothing.  Well, it seems that the Japanese doctor, Dr Fukucudzi, has found the clue for the latter. After helping people battling with their weight for over a decade, Dr Fukucudzi has come up with a weight loss method that requires no dieting, vigorous exercise or money.

What you need:

-    A large cloth.

-    A good strap.

-    Flat surface.

-    5 minutes a day.

What you do:

Roll the towel in the following parameters – 40cm long and 7-10cm thick. Use a strap so as to secure the towel from unwrapping.
Lie down on a flat surface – the floor or the bed.
Put the towel under your low back, just below your navel.
Keep your feet in width with your shoulders, your thumbs touching and the width between your heels 20 -25cm.
You can see the image for a better idea of what the exercise looks like.

Note: Be cautious that while you’re doing the exercise, your bones and joints are distorted a little. If you want to get the desired results, i.e. tighten your belly and burn excessive fat, it’s important to be persistent even when the exercise causes a slight discomfort.

Should staying in this position for five minutes be painful for you, steadily increase your time until you reach 5 minutes.

Share this amazing Japanese technique with your friends and family.

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