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Chart: This Is What You Should Weight According To Age, Body Shape And Height

Chart: This Is What You Should Weight According To Age, Body Shape And Height
Usually when you talk about ‘healthy weight’ and ‘ideal weight’, in a large scale statistical sense, the considerations have to be thorough and detailed. In most of the cases the ideal weight is tightly connected with the healthy weight, and in some cases they are even the same. However if you search the Internet, you will come across a number of variations of this seemingly simple figure.

At this point you need to know that cells divide as their size extends past what is efficient for the organism. Next thing you need to know is that as your organism gets larger it will reach a ratio of size verses efficient resource management.

All across the world nowadays there are many discussions on what the optimal ratio is for people, especially for women.

As you probably already know, healthy weight is the point that your size overreaches your health. What is past that point, is the excess fat that in most of the causes can lead to a heart strain, joint fatigue, hormonal imbalances and Type II Diabetes. On the other hand the ideal weight is attached to your egos and societal expectations. According to some recent study, an average women weighs fourteen pounds more than women used to weigh 22 years ago. What we are trying to say is that the ideal weight also increased, eleven more pounds than their predecessors.

However, the idea of healthy weight has been thoroughly skewed. Namely, nowadays many people are so convinced that the media is trying to make everyone dangerously thin, that they see medical obesity as an exaggeration. This means that the average person either holds themselves to an unattainable goal or are too comfortable with amounts of weight. Either way these situations are negatively affecting their health.

These charts that you are about to see are based on many studies which were conducted by specialists, doctors and nutritionists. For this chart you need to know that it is quite realistic and it is completely different from all the similar charts you can find on line. This is mainly because this chart does not adhere to unhealthy models and images of beauty propagated by the media.
 Now all you need to do is use this chart as a guideline to honestly view your weight in relation to your health.
The first step you need to take is to realize how beautiful and desired you are. Next, you must not let your happiness get tied up in your physical formation. You also must be appreciative for the health and mobility you have today. And finally you must use those precious skills while you can to make yourself healthy.


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