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How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe: 4 Steps to Perfect Weight

lose weight fast
We all know what we need to do if we want to shed some pounds. Cut back on the calories, increase our daily activities and it will start showing off. If you’ve tried it before you probably know that the majority of quick diets and weight loss plans aren’t as effective as they claim to be, but luckily for you we’ve got some expert tips which will help you shed those pounds quickly and effectively.

It’s funny how easy we can put on weight and how hard it is when we want to lose it. But doing it a few times can give you some general steps you need to take if you want to do it and still stay healthy.

Step 1 – Eliminate Sugars and Carbs from your Diet
The biggest mistake which probably lead to your weight gain in the first place is consuming carbs and sugars in excess. Eliminating them completely isn’t necessary but reducing their intake significantly is required if you want to lose weight. Maybe the results won’t b instantaneous but in a month or so you’ll notice the difference.

When you consume sugar and carbs they boost the insulin secretion, which is the main culprit when it comes to fat storage in your body. If you have high insulin levels your body isn’t able to burn fat. But when you reduce the insulin levels your body starts burning the fats instead of the carbs and sugars. Also, your kidneys flush out the excess water and sodium, which reduces bloating and water weight. In case you haven’t heard, it’s been proven that you can shed up to a pound and a half each day if you eliminate the water weight.

Step 2 – Learn to Love Protein
If losing weight fast is what you want to accomplish you need to start consuming more proteins. Proteins should be the main dish in every meal throughout your day. Your meal should be composed of a high protein source, healthy fats source and some low-carb vegetables.

If you’re not a fan of meat good protein alternatives can be mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, legumes, chia seeds and many others.

As far as the low carbs part of the meal goes you can include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, celery, cucumber and kale.

The healthiest alternatives for fat are olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and butter.

Step 3 – Start Cardio Workout
Cardio training is the best activity you’ll want to take up when you want to lose weight. Light weight-lifting is effective too but cardio burns the most calories and your goal is to burn fat not tone and form muscle mass.

When you start cardio you can combine it with resistance training for even better results. Some activities which are considered excellent cardio training routines are walking, swimming, running, climbing, riding a bike and many more.

Step 4 – Interval training
After some time of doing cardio, once you’ve build up experience and stamina you can progress to the next level – interval training. The only thing that is better than cardio when you want to lose weight fast is interval training. When you’re doing cardio your pulse and intensity are the same during the entire workout, while in interval training you mix between high-intensity workouts and low intensity workouts.

For example, in interval training when you’re running you sprint for about three minutes at your maximum speed and then for three minutes you go under “active recovery” – which is an experts’ term for running at a slower pace.

Interval training doesn’t just apply to running; you can do it with every cardio exercise and even in weight lifting and resistance training.

Tips for Maximum Efficiency
These 4 steps will enable you to get the desired results in just 4 or 5 months, if you off course set up some realistic goals for yourself.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds or more a month you’ll need to take some more extreme measures and it’s not recommended because it may harm your health.

Here are some additional advices on how to lose weight effectively and remain healthy in the process:

Make sure you get enough rest and sleep at least 6-7 hours every night.

When you exercise rest at least 24 hours before you start working on a muscle group because your muscles need time to rest, you don’t want to strain them.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, hydration is key if you want to lose weight. Drinking a glass of water before every meal will reduce your hunger and will make you feel fuller.


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