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Oprah Reveals Her Secret: How She Lost 30 Pounds With These Simple Tricks

The world famous TV host and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey has been struggling to keep those extra pounds at bay her entire life. She herself admits that there’s no diet in the world she hasn’t tried and now she just says that she had to slim down if not for the sake of her looks than for the sake of her health.

But when she appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York a few days ago she drew the media’s attention and surprised her fans all over the world with her amazing appearance after shedding all those extra pounds. She says that she’s lost as much as 30 pounds by following a few simple rules.

“My days of trying to lose weight so that I can fit in my favorite dress and look better are behind me. Now I have to lose weight if I want to keep my health and my life. I’ve realized that as we mature we start to realize what’s our most valuable asset – our health” – says Oprah.

The TV host admits that she’s addicted to food and that she could never entirely give up on certain foods but she offers 5 advices to those who want to lose weight, which have helped her shed the extra pounds and feel and look better.

Don’t give up on what you love

Oprah just loves potatoes and bread in every shape and form but she realizes that she cannot eat them as much as she would have wanted to. That’s why she pays attention to her portions and combines them with something healthier. For example, instead of eating mash potatoes she prepares mash cauliflower and adds just a bit of potatoes to keep the flavor and texture.

Eat plenty of fish

People who eat fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids a few times a week are generally healthier and happier. In addition they have a lower blood pressure and a lower risk of developing chronic conditions.

Swap snacks for fruits and veggies

If you really want to lose weight you need to forget about all those processed snack, full of sodium and trans-fats. Whenever she feels the urge for a snack she reaches for a piece of fruit or a crunchy veggie like carrots or celery sticks to satisfy her cravings.

Do Yoga

Oprah admits that she’s been ashamed to attend yoga classes because she would constantly trip and fall whenever she tried some pose. But then she started doing it on her own, with an online guide and she slowly gained stability. Yoga relaxes and is a great physical activity for all of those who can’t handle more difficult exercise like running or cycling.

Drink plenty of water

“That’s always been my problem. I don’t drink enough water because I don’t like it” – the TV host admits sincerely. But that’s why she started making fruit-infused water to compensate whenever she feels like she hasn’t drank enough. The improved flavor makes it easier for her to drink plenty.


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