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10 Foods To Make Your Metabolism FASTER Than Fat Can Be Stored!

Our metabolism comprises all the chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. A slow acting metabolism is often the cause of unwanted weight gain and on the other hand, a fast acting metabolism can be linked to prolonged weight loss and a slimmer figure. Many ways can help you boost your metabolism and here, we’ll present you 10 foods that will give your metabolism a real boost!

Metabolism Boosting Foods

metabolism food


Avocado possesses a high fat content which is of the good kind and that is great for the body. This high fat content keeps you full while it’s filling you with protein, fiber, and fat. It’s a real metabolism booster! Adding avocado to your diet is really easy! You can spread it on your sandwich, add it to your morning smoothie, or lunch salad! It’s a quick and easy boost that your body will love!

High-fiber cereal

An excellent way to boost your metabolism is eating cereals high in fiber! They’ve been scientifically proven to be the best breakfast for people looking to improve their metabolism. High fiber cereals can keep you full longer by digesting slowly, and keep you energized for longer. The high-fiber content will also keep insulin levels regular and prevent fat from forming on your body.

Jalapeno peppers

If you can eat food this hot, add these into your kitchen! Capsaicin, found in jalapenos, gives your metabolism a hearty boost.  Don’t forget that deep fried jalapeno poppers do not actually help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Throw your jalapenos in anything else, even the oven, to make a delicious finger food that won’t give you a heart attack.

Lean meat

Lean cuts of beef and poultry can support a healthy metabolism. Meat takes a long time to digest, so they will take a lot of energy to digest, so this way, you’ll be burning fat, and maintain a healthy figure!


Garlic should be a regular part of your cooking. It is delicious and aromatic, but it’s also got a long, long, very long list of health benefits. One of the best benefits is that garlic helps maintain and shed unwanted weight. Numerous studies show a direct link between calories burned during daily activities and meals that included garlic that were consumed beforehand. Don’t forget to brush your teeth right after, or chew some super minty gum, because garlic breath is definitely very bad!


Raspberries are abundant in fiber and are low in calories. They’re an easy addition to your everyday meal plan. Stock up on high fiber berries and enjoy the sweetness that comes from boosting your metabolism and feeling great!


Oranges are full of vitamin C, and vitamin C helps you metabolize fat super quickly. They’re an easy snack, and are also irresistibly delicious. You are boosting your immune system, but you’re also helping your body get back on track! Eat an orange before your next workout and feel energized!


Salmon is full of amazingly beneficial oils, nutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids.  It lowers your body’s leptin hormone levels and makes your body burn more calories than before. Eating salmon will help you lose weight while also giving your hair and skin a natural glow.

Green tea

The sweet aroma of freshly brewed green tea is enough to make some people drink it, though the health benefits may be the draw for others. Green tea can selectively increase the burning of fat by raising fat oxidation by at least 17%. Start your day off right with green tea! It boosts your metabolism and gives you an energy boost at the same time!


Grapefruit is maybe bitter and unappealing to some people, but others see it as an amazing super-food because of what it does for you. Grapefruit is full of fiber that keeps you fuller, longer and in that way it boosts your metabolism. The acid inside the fruit helps you break down the stored fat in your body. Take a grapefruit for breakfast and you’ll see the difference!


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